Cuplock Scaffolding

Cuplock Stair Case Tower

Cuplock is a fully galvanized multi-purpose steel scaffold system for general access and supporting vertical loads. The unique circular node point allows up to 4 components to be connected in one fastening action. Cuplock staircase towers and mobile towers are also available. Cuplock is ideal for a wide range of applications including continuous façade, circular scaffold, birdcage access and staircase access.


  • Faster to erect than traditional methods - up to 4 components secured in one go Unique node point
  • High grade tube up to 20% lighter than standard 4mm scaffold tube
  • Highly damage resistant
  • Accepts scaffold boards, battens or decking platforms.

Cuplock Standards

Cup lock Standards have cup joints welded at every 500mm or 1000mm intervals, thus offering levels for working & also for bracing the standards while using in the slab support when loaded.

Code No.Length
3.0 M
2.5 M
2.0 M
1.5 M
1.0 M

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: CVH

Ledger Horizontal

Ledgers have forged blade ends which fit in the cup joint on the standard. They can be used in variety of Ledger size combinations to suit required bay size.

Code No." L" Length (mm) centre to centre of standards
2.5 M
2.4 M
2.0 M
1.8 M
1.5 M
1.25 M
1.0 M
0.9 M
0.6 M

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: CLH

Beam Support Bracket

Beam support bracket are used to support the drop beams encountered within the regular slab support grid. This eliminates the need for the beam bottoms to be propped up from the ground. The beam brackets are capable of receiving adjustable jacks for reaching the beam bottom level.

One-Two-Three Board Bracket

This bracket receive 1, 2 or 3 board of 9 inch width as per your requirement.

Steel Platform Boards

Scaffold board this is manufactured in various lengths upto 12 mtr. This has a width of 228 mm and 38 mm depth with antiskid surface on top. Can come with or without hooks to sit on the tubular or the angle transoms. Finish painted , pre-galvanised or hot dip galvanized. Can be also manufactured as per customer requirements.

Suspended Scaffold

Suspended scaffold assembles from the top down, not from the bottom up. Therefore your crew can work over water, traffic, utility lines, railways, shipyards and production lines with greater ease, safety and money savings. Access the complete fascia or underside of bridges to inspect, paint, or sandblast. Inspect or repair piers, tanks, oil rigs, ships etc.

Spigot Pin

Our range of spigot encompasses and has extensively been valued for delivering excellent results in being used as glass clamps, which are widely applicable in commercial and residential sectors. These are used when necessary verticals are connected end to end by an internal spigot. We manufacture these in a wide range using the high quality material which can be obtained from us at comprehensive price range.

Scaffolding Pipes

MS Steel Black, Painted & galvanised Pipes

  • Pipes 48.3OD Light
  • Pipes 48.3OD Medium
  • Pipes 48.3OD Heavy

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SP

Ladder Bracket


  • Connect to scaffolding pipe
  • Ladder bracket
  • Finish painted /galvanized

Intermediate Transom

Intermediate transom provides a safe mid-bay support for 38mm scaffold boards. They hold the ledgers in their jaw sections and prevent the central bending of the platform boards.

Code no.Length
1. 5 m
1. 25 m
1. 0 m
0. 9 m
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