Wedge Lock Scaffolding

Adjustable Jack

Code No:1063 The adjustable jack is used at the bottom of the scaffold to provide an additional adjustment of upto 600 mm. For additional information on load capacity, consult our design office.

1) Base Jack 38OD x 4mm x 350mm/450mm/650mm Height
2) Base jack solid 32OD 

Adjustable Stirrup Head

Code no:1064 the adjustable stirrup head is used at the top of the standard to provide an additional maximum adjustment of 600mm. For additional information on load capacity, consult our design office.

Base Plate

Code No: 1073 base plate is designed to receive the standards and is useful in transfer & distribution of the load to the base of the scaffolding.

Cross Brace And Diagonal Brace

Code No.Centres of Standards
It can be used in bracing in the width of the scaffold. The pivoting wedge lock fitting locate in the 'V' pressings on the standards. It can be used in the same plane as the transom.
Code No.Centres of Standards
10772.50 M
The Diagonal Brace is used for bracing the scaffolding diagonally with the pivoting wedge lock fitting by inserting in the V pressing on standard.

Bridging And Adjustable Ledger

Code No:1075 The bridging ledger is designed to be used on bay widths of upto 5 Mts. It has a central tube with 'V' pressings to which a transom & guardrail support can be fitted. It has a built in camber and has a tension rod to form a beam with wedge lock fittings at both ends.
Code No. Centres of Standards
1074 1.44 m to 2.438 m (4'.9" to 8'.0")
Adjustable Ledger is used to span non standard bay widths, from 4'9" to 8'.0"(1.45M to 2.44M.)


Code No. Effective Length (M)  
1058 3000 With spigot end
1059 2000 With spigot end
1060 2000 Open ended
1061 1500 Open ended
1062 1000 Open ended

Wedgelock Standards are made from standards scaffold tubes or heavy duty tubes depending on the loading conditions. They have 'V' pressing welded at 495mm centres which provides 4 way connections for the ledgers.

When adjustable stirrup heads are to be used over the standards, open ended standards are used at the top of the scaffold.

For additional informaton on load capacity, consult our design department.
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